Keeping your belongings safe over the Summer holidays - advice from J-Tech Systems.
25th July 2017
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It's that time of year again.. schools are finished for the year and we're all heading off on our Summer holidays...

And the burglars out there know it too!
Leaving your house empty over the summer break can leave it vulnerable to those opportunistic burglars who pass by your home.
J-Tech Systems in Croydon have updated their advice on keeping your property safe from those opportunistic thieves out there, and making it less appealing a proposition. This is especially true if you're planning to be away for any extended period of time over the holiday period, whether heading off on holiday or even just visiting family.

Out of sight

Make sure you keep expensive items that you're not taking with you on holiday such as laptops, tablets, smartphones out of sight. You never know, someone could take a peek through the window and decide that what's in your house is just too good to leave alone...

Light 'em up

Invest in some timers that you can plug your lights into. There are some very sophisticated options out there these days that allow you to programme multiple on/off periods so there's no particular pattern to the lights being left on. Perfect for giving the impression that someone's at home.

Check your social media settings

It's all very well sharing your holiday snaps but are your privacy settings up to date? If you have a public profile on any social media platform you're announcing to Joe Public that you're not home - you might as well be inviting them into your home!

Neighbourly love

Do tell your neighbours you're not going to be home. They can keep an eye out for your house while you're not around and possibly even open & close curtains for you, which will create the prefect impression that the house is occupied.

Removing the regular

Remember to cancel all your regular deliveries of things like newspapers and milk - there's nothing that screams "I'm away on holiday" than a growing pile of deliveries left on the doorstep. 

Creative choices

You could consider hiding valuables in more obscure places. Burglars will often look in obvious places like under beds and in wardrobes - I always avoid these as they're the first place a burglar will look. Lofts and cellars are generally more difficult to get to or even consider a safe for smaller valuables. Thins like jewellery and small technological equipment like laptops are easy enough to hide. Highly sentimental items (especially things like photos on a laptop) are irreplaceable.

Consider home security 

If you don’t already have one, now might be the time to invest in an intruder alarm. Burglars will generally go for the least risky option, so an unprotected home will be much more of a target than one that is visibly alarmed.

J-Tech Systems supply and fit intruder alarm systems and CCTV systems, depending on your requirements. You can opt for a system that's connected to a response centre or just a more simple wireless system that will definitely act as a deterrent.
If you do have an alarm system, has it been serviced recently? The last thing you need is for something to go wrong with it while you're away - annoying for the neighbours if nothing else - and then if it needs to be turned off then your house is no longer protected.
Follow these simple tips and we hope you have a safe and happy Summer holiday.
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