Keep your vehicle running in tip top shape.
25th March 2013
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So you've bought your new car. You've added your pair of furry dice decorative feature to the rear view mirror. It's been taxed and is all insured. It's also passed the MOT - so now you can stop worrying and hit the road... right?

It's not as simple as that. In fact, it's only once you start using your vehicle regularly that you’ll need to keep an even closer eye on it.

The fact remains that you can prolong the running life of your car by giving it plenty of care and attention. Not only that, but you can maximise its safety and performance significantly. Some faults are easy to overlook or forget about, but failing to fix an issue with your brakes or tyres could potentially make your car illegal to drive, so don't just take the approach of "out of sight, out of mind".

McCarthy Cars have put together a quick list of tips for maintaining your vehicle – and it really doesn't matter what make or model of car you own, all the tips still apply.

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