Keep your home safe this festive season.
2nd December 2013
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It looks like those people living in an SM5 or SM6 postcode need to be extra vigilant at the moment! Last month one of the CCTV Systems installed by J-Tech Systems caught not one, but TWO thieves making off with 2 BMW X5s, all in the same street. In one of the thefts the thieves had somehow cloned a key, and in the other case, they forced entry to the property and managed to get hold of the keys.

It is a sad fact of life that as winter approaches and the nights get darker earlier, this type of crime always increases. It's a known fact - with the longer nights come more break ins as thieves take advantage of the darker nights.

So a very good question to ask is: are you and your possessions protected ? It may seem like a trivial thing but when it comes down to it, it's thanks to J-Tech's CCTV installation that in these two cases the Police now have not only a very clear description of the criminals, but even more importantly, there is now evidential video proof of the thefts and those involved that is admissable in any future criminal proceedings.

It isn't expensive ... it's priceless.

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