J Tech Systems: offering a 24 hour service in Croydon.
10th May 2017
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If you've invested in a security system, part of that investment is recognising that even if it's well specified or installed (which every system from J Tech always is!), it will still need routine maintenance to keep it working at its very best.

J-Tech Systems provide the full solution for your security system. Not only do they have the expertise to install your system to the exact you need, but they're also able to ensure that it receives a full and proper routine maintenance check as soon as it's needed. They guarantee that every maintenance carried out by their team conforms with British or European Standards, manufacturer guidelines, and any other regulations, legislation, or practice set out for that system.

And it's not just security systems that need a service. Fire systems also need to be regularly maintained, also in accordance with the relevant British Standard so that you remain covered by your insurance and comply with the law. Of course J Tech will be able to take care of all of this for you.

There are cases with any system where a fault occurs for no obvious reason, or due to electrical failure, an error somewhere, vandalism, or other influences. Of course it's always Murphy's law that these things invariably happen outside of the normal working hours! For this very reason, every maintenance plan that comes as part of your system from J Tech includes full access to our emergency response team. They operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year, so you get the peace of mind that you're always covered.

Even customers that aren't within a maintenance contract can call on J Tech when they need them, although clearly the same discounts they offer their contracted customers cannot be applied.

One thing that will always be applied, no matter who you are, is the J Tech guarantee that you will receive the same outstanding level of service, every time.

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