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13th August 2008
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I was out at a dinner party last night and someone made a very interesting comment indeed.

This person does regular networking with a printer, who has been in the business for over 40 years so has seen it all before, proper recessions included.

This printer said recently publicly that they are usually the first to be hit in a recession / down turn.

Well, lots of other profession can claim the same thing.

However, he went onto adding that when things start to pick up again, printers are amongst the first to get very busy again and his orders have been going through the roof in the past month or so.

There's no such thing as a recession, or is there?! Have we come out the other side already?!

I don't know is my answer. All I know is that I talk to local Croydon business owners every day of the week.

They are as varied is shapes, age and sizes as walkers by in Croydon High Street on a Saturday afternoon.

Many comments on how they are being more careful about they spend their money / budget. Yet not many are really feeling the impact of this current 'recession' yet.

We, at The Best of Croydon, have never ever been so busy with new members application from smart local businesses who understand that, at times of doom and gloom, proper, effective local marketing is more important than ever.

Another recent event that has made me think that it's not all that bad out there, is that, having recently put my property on the market, I found that the price hadn't dropped since I last had it valued 2 years ago.

Are we all talking ourselves into a recession (with the great help of the media)? Or is there really one happening out there?

Personally I am not overly worried.

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