It's new car registration time. Get yours at Motor Village Croydon.
29th March 2017
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Many people simply cannot imagine getting a car that someone else has already driven, they always choose a brand new car that's just come off the factory line.

It can be very appealing. Nobody else has been in it before and the car has its whole life ahead of it. And generally when you buy a brand new car you get all sorts of deals with servicing for the next few years so you get even greater peace of mind. Not to mention a brand nw car doesn't even need to have an annual MOT done until it's 3 years old!

Lots of plus points!

But where should you go for your brand new car?

We can't recommend Motor Village Croydon highly enough. With a fantastic range of new cars from Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Abarth and Fiat they have plenty on offer - whether you're after a city car, a real off roader or anything in between.

But what's the fascination with the latest number plate?

It's all part and parcel of the same thing - having the very latest model of a brand new car.

The DVLA have two plate changes that take place each year, the first plate is valid from March to August and this plate represents the year in which the car was produced. For example, the new plate about to be released now will be a 17 plate and will look like this: XX17XXX.

For the September to February plate, the number plate will begin with a 6 and then a 7 to represent 2017. So number plates will take the form of XX67XXX.

So if you're one of the many people who would like to bag a new number plate registration then now is the time!

Motor Village Croydon are inviting all those interested to their showroom where you could choose your brand new vehicle and get it ordered!

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