Is it safe to take Zerodol P during pregnancy?
19th October 2018
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Zerodol P is a perfect blend of two major active ingredients namely Aceclofenac and Paracetamol. It acts as a painkiller, anti-inflammatory capsule as well as a tablet to reduce fever.

Zerodol P is a capsule that helps to get relief from pain in the muscles, pain in joints, fever or high body temperature, cold, arthritis, toothache, ear pain, body pain due to inflammations, minor or severe headache, gout, menstrual cramps, stomach ace or cramps, Febrility, Cephalalgia, Arthralgia  and many other medical conditions.

Paracetamol and Aceclofenac present in Zerodol P helps mainly in the treatment of muscle pain and join inflammation. Zerodol P Tablet is manufactured by renowned company IPCA Labs.

The Zerodol P Tablet is available in a pack of 10 tablets each in a strip at an affordable price. It can be acquired in two major powers (strengths) such as 100mg and 500mg, each to suit different requirements.  

Zerodol P is safe to be consumed by children but only under strict and proper medical supervision. Before giving this tablet to a child, it is advised to thoroughly consult a qualified doctor for knowing the dosage, strength of the tablet and also for how long it should be given to the child. This is because, each child responds to medicines differently and also the dosage and duration differ from one case to and other case.

However, Zerodol P is not safe for consumption of infants. Thus it is a strict NO to give it to an infant, whatever the condition may be. It can not only cause serious harm but can also prove to be fatal from infants. As such, it is advised before even thinking about taking any step from your toddler; please get in touch with a qualified doctor or medical practitioner, to know more about the pros, cons and usage of the tablet.

Unlike other medicines that can be easily obtained from any chemist or medical druggist without prescription, Zerodol P cannot be done so. Yes, Zerodol P is a prescription medication and not an over the counter (OTC) product. It is properly prescribed by a qualified doctor. As such, understand the dosage, duration as well as timing of the tablets consumption by consulting a qualified doctor.

How does Zerodol Work?

The Zerodol P Tablet functions in a simple yet powerful manner. The Paracetmol in the tablet surges the pain threshold and reduces the swelling.  It also simultaneously increases the flow of blood throughout body, skin, heat loss and sweating (perspiring). After consumption, the tablet also blocks the action of cyclo-oxygenase present in the human body.

On the other hand, the active ingredient Aceclofenac helps to reduce the formation of some substances in the body which may cause pain and swelling in the body. Thus both the main ingredients work hand in hand to produce effect results and relive one from pain and other problems.

Key Points

-          If you are suffering from any type of disease or ailment relating to Kidney and/or liver, then it is imperative to take your doctor's advice before taking Zerodol P Tablet.

-          One should only consume a maximum of three tablets of Zerodol P in a single day. Also, it is important to keep proper gap between the consumption of each tablet.

-          In case the pain or fever has shown no positive signs within half an hour to 1 hour of consuming the tablet, then it is advised to consult the doctor for a substitute or alternate solution.

-          It is not wise to use Zerodol P on the recommendation of friends or family members, just because they have used it or heard of it. Also, do not allow anyone to consume your dosage of the tablet, merely because you find similarities in the symptoms of the other person.

-          Before you buy the tablet, duly check the expiry date on the pack and also cross-check it with the pharmacist

-          Zerodol P Tablet should be stored at room temperature. It should be safely kept in place where it does not come in direct contact with heat, sunlight, moisture, infants as well as pets.

-          Since it is a very common analgesic and NSAID tablet, it is not recommended to be merged with other common medicines that contain paracetamol and aceclofenac such as Hifenac P.

-          There is a myth that sustains that this tablet can cure the person from the problems. But not, Zerodol P Tablet is not meant to cure someone, but it is only a measure to provide some relief and reduce some pain from common problems.

-          Women, who wish to consume Zerodol P, must without fail consult their gynecologists, in case of menstrual cramps, abdominal pain, painful periods and more. The gynecologist can help woman facing these issues to understand the consequences, precautions and the way to use the medicine to attain relief.

-          If you consume Zerodol P on empty stomach, there are high possibilities of it causing acidity also known as acid reflux or stomach upset. So it is recommended to take proper care of the diet when consuming this tablet, to avoid further health issues.

Uses of Zerodol P

Zerodol P is a painkiller that can be used in a number of health and medical conditions to get temporary relief. The only catch is, it must be taken only after you consult your doctor, who is well aware of your medical conditions, your medical history and immune system.

Zerodol P is a capsule that helps to get relief from pain in the muscles, pain in joints, fever or high body temperature, cold, arthritis, toothache, ear pain, body pain due to inflammations, minor or severe headache, gout, menstrual cramps, stomach ace or cramps, Febrility, Cephalalgia, Arthralgia  and many other medical conditions.

Side Effects

There is no denial that Zerodol P has numerous benefits that provide temporary relief from many health and medical conditions. However, as there is nothing that can be absolutely beneficial in this world, as with good comes some bad, Zerodol P also can cause some negative and unwanted impacts on the body. These side effects differ from consumer to consumer depending on age, gender, immune system and other vital factors.  Here is a list of common side effects that may be expreieneced after the consumption of the Zerodol P tablet:

-          Stomach Ache or Abdominal Pain

-          Feeling of frequent vomiting or burning in the stomach

-          Nausea and Dizziness

-          Acidity (Acid reflux), stomach upset, formation of excess gas

-          Flatulence

-          Allergic Reaction because of the presence of Paracetmol

-          Loose Motions or Diarrhea

-          Difficulty in removing body waste or Constipation

-          Burning sensation in the heart (heartburn)

-          Indigestion also known as Dyspepsia

-          Redness of the skin or rashes on the body


Though several symptoms may be common among users, some are even rarely experienced by any. In case you experience any of the above mentioned side effects or any other unusual changes in your body after consuming Zerodol P tablet, do not ignore it, immediately consult a doctor. If you ignore the signs, it may lead to a bigger problem in future. Also, it is advised not to cosume the tablet for a longer period of time as it may have some harmful side-effects. So, stick to the dosage prescribed by the doctor and to not experiment.

Dosage and Duration of Zerodol P

This medicine should strictly be consumed only after proper consultation with a medical practitioner and in the quantity advised by the doctor. It should be consumed with your meal or just after the meal is complete with a glass of water. Do not take it on empty stomach, or it may cause a burning sensation in your stomach. Generally, the effect of the medicine must begin in half an hour of consumption and is expected to last up to 6 hours or more.

Consumption of Zerodol P is very simple, just swallow it at once. Do not try to chew or bite it.

For adults, a dosage of 1 tablet with strength of 100 mg is recommended to be taken twice a day for relief. However, the dosage differs according to the doctor and sometimes dosage begins with merely with one tablet per day.

Consumption of Zerodol P Tablet during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Generally, Aceclofenac is not advised to be consumed by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. But, paracetamol may be used during these two stages by women, after properly weighing the advantages and disadvantages with a qualified doctor. If possible, it is better to find an alternate solution or substitute of the same.

As Zerodol P contains both Aceclofenac and Paracetmol in determined quantities, it is not recommended to be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If it is absolutely necessary, and there is no other alternative left, then it can be cosumed after calculating the all the risks and the benefits with the gynecologist. .

It is important to share the actual status of your pregnancy with the doctor you are consulting, as Zerodol P can have dangerous effects on the baby. Also, a lactating mother also needs to be careful. The medicine can get mixed with the blood and while breastfeeding may get transferred to the baby, leading to harmful effects. 

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