Is India ready for 5G waves?
17th January 2019
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Open question giving a different opinion from the India citizens. Some feel 5G waves is far from the country’s expectations while others embrace the idea remarking on sectors growth. Nonetheless, we can say look back and reflect how far we have come. India holds high population not now but from back in the days. Though the number technology wasn’t their portion. Smart devices weren’t embraced as such and only few telecom companies held the communication flag in jiofi.local.html login.

In recent years, more companies have come up penetrating to most remote regions of the country. From 2G waves to 3/4G waves country ranks among highest in technological terms. Telecom companies mushrooming and smart devices becoming affordable and common among all citizens.

4G wireless connection aren’t that old, actually the 4G connection was introduced by the famous Airtel in year 2012. This being too recent where one million subscribers took up the plan. I bet you remember 4G LTE back then. In the year 2016 a new company Reliance Jio stirred up the 4G connection by offering a happy new year offer. The citizens gained the 4G for free from Jio making it affordable to every citizen.  Numbers grew from one million to 100 million 4G users in a short period of 170 days.

But is India ready for 5G waves?

With the above 4G history, 5G might take the easier router or take time to grow. This will be determined by people’s view and how they shift from the 4G to 5G. Basically internet connection is fast with 4G believing it will be much faster with 5G waves. Its always a matter of who goes first. The telecom companies wait on who has the guts to introduce the project first. The numbers they will gain and also mistakes they make. With this the rest follow amending on what others did wrong.

On the users side they want to hear the goodies of the services from the first times. Whether it works or not, the fear of shifting from 4G to 5G eating up in the inside.

Advantages of using 5G waves in the country?

The concept of introducing 5G connection is have a global connection. Remember developed countries are already using the services. Having 5G will increase connectivity and help in handling new smart gadgets. It will bring to taste internet speed and help in the digital world. What comprises of 5G waves? This has nothing new it’s a combination of other 2/3/4G connection to make an improved version. Which works fast and efficient in internet matters.

I think the country can embrace the 5G waves if telecom companies can come up with one goal. Citizens will help push the wheel by embracing the idea by shifting to the new wave. It’s never wrong to have trial period by giving free services. This assists in amending and improving on the mistakes. After this companies can set a standard price which can be affordable to all citizens. India is potentially able to work with the 5G waves.

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