Is Alexandra a good representation of Croydon?
7th June 2008
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Croydon teen mum is Big Brother contestant

It's big brother time again and no doubt the nation will be spending most of their summer watching the drama unfold.

I won't be watching it but was reading with interest that Alexandra De-Gale, a 23 year old single mum from Croydon is one of this year's contestant.

Not surprisingly people knowing her, or shall I say, people who have met her over the years, are suddenly coming out of the woodwork and are quickly spreading their own stories about Alexandra.

If the local press is anything to believe, the young single mum has been quoted as 'arrogant', 'inconsiderate', 'nasty' and a 'nightmare neighbour'.

As a result, I have just read comments about 'where is her child whilst she is on TV?', 'teen mum, enough said', or 'black people are always badly represented on TV'

Now, I think this raises 2 issues

Unfortunately, some of us are very quick to judge others and stereotype them. Should we give the girl a chance first or is that it for her?

Secondly - is Alexandra a true representation of what Croydon is today? By that I mean that if she really is the nasty piece of work some people appear to think she is, then Croydon's image will suffer yet again.

This is all about commercial decision and Channel 4 will always put controversial characters in the house as this makes better viewing.

Alexandra and her plentyful of attitude seems so far to fit the bill perfectly!

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