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11th December 2019
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What is IQ Option?

 IQ Option is a web-based trading stage that enables its clients to exchange a range of monetary instruments, for example, Binary Options, Stocks, Forex and digital currencies. This was founded as early as 2013 and is run by the IQ Options Limited based in Cyprus. This is regulated in the European Union by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. This means that the company must comply with all the legislation put forward by the commission, hence has the full right to sell its products across different parts of the world. 

How does IQ Option work?

The broker has two accounts levels-the Real Account and the Vip Account. The Real Account gives access to different trading opportunities available and allows users to participate in Binary Option matches. The VIP Account allows its consumers use the real money to trade and does provide a personal manager to manage all the trade A very important aspect of the VIP account is the favorite assets section that allows the users to select the favorite assets.


The broker IQ Option highlights every winning trade, directly notifying through their page. To start trading, you must have a minimum investment of $1 from a minimum deposit of just $10.


If you follow the IQ Option trading patterns, you will get access through the service's website. This will greatly improve the outcome of the investment.


This has rapidly gained momentum due to its services and its excellent customer service features that we will discuss in this article.

A brief on the chat features

 The chat and support features of this application allow the users to communicate with each other directly. There are some rules set up by the company, IQ Options Limited that its users must follow while using the application's chat features. This is done to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of its users. One of the rules is as follows; "No sharing of personal information on this platform. If found guilty of this charge, the user involved in such an act will be banned from using the application".


The chatbox is part of the IQ option support.  You can access different assets including forex, cryptocurrencies, and stocks.using this and the other features available in the application,


Each request thread has an administrator and mediator. They are responsible for making sure that all the rules are being followed by the members of the chat groups and the IQ Option support network. If the rules are not followed properly, then the admins have the power to block a user permanently from using the feature.


Basic Instructions for IQ Options chat and support features?

 Log in to the IQ Option account by entering your email and password.

After finishing login, tap on the Chat and support feature on the right(end) portion of the interface.


The next step will be to contact the support team. If you wish to do so, then click on support. After this type the message you want to convey in the field that appears after clicking on the Support button.  


The English chat thread is for everyone in general, where the traders gather around to share their signals or even share tips for a better trade.


The forex chat thread is for those who are interested in the trade but need hands-on training on the same, as they are not sure how to proceed effectively.


The crypto chat is for the cryptocurrency traders, and this thread is where its members are the least active amongst the rest.


Benefits of the IQ Option Support

 This is very important if you are new in the options trading business. The support section makes it a good place to get access to the top traders in the market. Traders discuss a wide range of topics, including why are they currently. The chat features are useful when you need, and you need a teacher to teach you how to trade. You can follow traders who are making profits regularly. You can approach them courtly and ask them if they would be willing to share tips and suggestions that you can follow to shine in the game. It would better for you if you do not share any personal information on the chat. In doing so, you will be banned from using the IQ Option account.


You must use the chat features when you notice there are many online participants. In this manner, you can get the necessary information you may need, quick enough. Also, if you share as much as possible during the interval when the number of participants is high-this will help you win the goodwill of others.


The application implements ideas from their existing and new users. The company is open to ideas or suggestions from its users on what new features they can go on to add in the app to make it more user -friendly and attractive in the future. The company's app builders then work upon ideas or suggestions that stand out of the box.


Use the support features carefully

 Although there are many benefits of using chats, however breaking the rules can have you banned.

The company has mentioned it clearly in its policy that it is not responsible for trade-related losses faced by its clients. Therefore think twice before you plan on implementing any strategy that you receive from your conversations with other members in the groups/chat rooms. Conduct an all through technical analysis first beforehand before proceeding on with its application

Be careful of the scammers. Many unsuccessful traders term themselves as successful as never before and give out tips that turn out to be fake. Under the pretext of helping out, they try to gather all the information on your trading account. There is, however, a big help in such cases. IQ Options moderators and admins look out for such activities and take necessary actions against those involved in such malicious activities.


Final words

 Despite benefits provided by support and chat systems, always remember that even as trading is meant to seeing profit multiplication, you can also lose money by making the trade. No broker can help you eliminate the risks, which is why they issue risk warnings to all traders beforehand.

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