International Week of the Deaf People
15th October 2021
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1. International Week Of The Deaf People  


For the past twenty years, the IWCD has been promoting world peace, educational awareness and technological advancements in order to improve the conditions of the deaf and make their lives better. The goal of this organization is to unify the deaf and hearing communities all over the world against any form of discrimination and prejudice. IWCD also tries to educate the general public about deaf rights and how these are denied by society. Its official website contains plenty of information regarding how to support IWCD and assist those in need.

Another reason why IWCD choose Doha as the location for this years International Week of the Deaf is because it is the only city that hosts the deaf and hard of hearing world together. Doha is a modern city with lots of entertainment options for people of all ages. There are museums, theaters and clubs for people to enjoy. There are also numerous places of business to be found in Doha. All in all, this city provides a good climate for visitors from the deaf and hard of hearing communities. The runner-up city was Dallas, Texas.  Dallas is a city with lots of good energy, and an electric feel.

Besides promoting unity among people who share the same belief, IWCD has also endeavored to promote the music of the deaf. Over the past twenty years, many talented musicians who were once anonymous have begun to draw the world's attention to their talent. These artists are becoming the new voice of the deaf. Many of them have gone on to have successful solo careers. Because of IWCD's promotion of the music of the deaf, these talented individuals are now able to receive monetary compensation for the promotion of their art.

During the last week of May, IWCD will be hosting an exhibition titled "IWCD Live: Music of the Deaf." This exhibition will allow the deaf and hard of hearing communities all over the world to be united with one cause. IWCD co-founder Paul Watson said "This week is International World Deaf Year of the deaf music. It is our desire to bring together all the communities that care about the fate of the deaf, and the music of the deaf in order to celebrate and raise funds for the benefit of the deaf and music education." With the increase of awareness of the importance of music to the deaf and hard of hearing, this goal of IWCD is sure to be achieved.

Paul had the following to say "The world knows that there is a deaf population that wants and needs music. People that want to know more about this incredible music have come together in the past twenty five years to form a worldwide organization, IWCD. Through IWCD, music fans from all over the world are learning more about this remarkable art form and supporting its mission, while raising money and awareness at the same time. We are making a difference in the world every day, and our future generations will remember what we have done." With the popularity of bands like REM, Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, Jann Arden, Motley Crue, and countless others, the IWCD helps to promote not only musical acts but also charities that focus on music education for the deaf and hard of hearing.

This year's theme is "The I Want To Be Music" which is another wonderful initiative by IWCD. It is a week of fun, fundraising, and awareness that will bring not only smiles to faces of people from around the world, but also to millions of dollars to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing receive the music that they need. In past years, the I Want To Be Music program has been very successful in raising millions of dollars for its cause. By planning and executing each of these events, International Week Of The Deaf is setting the tone for a successful, year-round program that will help people learn to love music, make new friends, obtain knowledge about the deaf and hard of hearing world, and most importantly, continue to fund the important work of IWCD and the promotion of music education for the deaf and hard of hearing throughout the world.


2. Technology That Can Improve The Deaf Communities Quality Of Life 


Technology is an amazing thing that has provided many deaf people with a world of possibilities. However, as great as technology can be, it also has some limitations. As a deaf person who wants to use technology to communicate with people, it is important that you know which technology to use. This article will show you some of the most common technology that can improve the deaf communities.

A lot of new technologies now days are focused on hearing loss prevention. There are many devices that are now available that provide deaf people with hearing aids. Some of these hearing aids can help improve a person's hearing ability and some can even help restore the communication between the deaf and hearing impaired. These hearing aids can give deaf people with virtually no hearing impairment a full hearing experience. Some of these hearing aids are available free of charge while others may have to be purchased but are worth the investment.

Smart appliances around the house can make life easier for the deaf, as well as the hearing.  Smart door bell systems can allow the deaf to know when someone is at the door by showing video, or pulsing lights.  Smart thermostats can control temperatures for optimization of Direct Energy utility dollars, especially useful if you live in Texas or other places with extreme temperature variations.

One of the most popular things that can improve the deaf's communication is sign language. Sign language is a universal language that provides the deaf with the same ability to communicate as any typical person. It is a way to say the same words in the same way that a child with normal hearing does. By learning how to speak sign language, the deaf can learn how to read and understand what another person is saying. There are a variety of places that offer courses that teach sign language, and they are usually offered at low prices.

A very popular technology that can improve the deaf's communication is Binaural beats. These are binaural tones that are fed into the ear of the deaf person. These tones seem to provide them with a special rhythm which they are then able to recognize. When the right rhythm is heard by the deaf person, they can understand what is being said. This is a very effective training method for teaching the deaf to speak, as it can make simple things seem much more complex.

Another very popular thing that can improve the deaf's communication is sign language interpreters. These individuals are able to help the deaf communicate even when they cannot speak or hear properly. Sign language interpreters will sit down with the deaf person and use hand motions, facial expressions, and body language to communicate exactly what is being said. The drawback to this type of technology is that these individuals are often poorly compensated for their services and receive little support from hearing and speech groups.

The last of the very popular technologies that can improve the deaf's communication is the development of a hearing aid. These aids are very common among deaf people and can greatly improve the quality of their lives. Most of these devices work using tiny speakers which are placed in the ear canal to create sounds that the deaf person can hear. However, the most common hearing devices are computer-generated. However, many deaf people find this to be helpful.Of course, power outages can effect the ability to maintain electricity to charge hearing aids, so they are not a 100% solution. 

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