Inspiring and Stylish Ideas for Lighting a Variety of Rooms
10th November 2018
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Whether you are planning a lighting makeover for the entire house or want to enhance the lighting for a certain room, there are various room lighting tips that are worth keeping in mind. Both natural and artificial lights are essential aspects of any space.

Family Rooms

Layering light is an important concept, especially in areas such as the family or living room where people usually gather for long periods of time and participate in a range of activities such as using laptops, playing board games, reading, watching television and conversation.

Different Types of Lighting

  • Within rooms that people spend a lot of time in, ambient lighting is ideal rather than recessed illumination. When light bounces off the ceiling, it prevents the downward direction or shadows of recessed lighting and creates a sense of brightness. Bouncing light also works well because people tend to look up than down.
  • Ambient lighting can be achieved by incorporating valance or cove lights into the architecture of the room. Linear fluorescent lights can be added onto entertainment units or bookcases. Opt for lights that can be dimmed and provide a warm appearance.
  • Table lamps are ideal for task lighting, including adjustable lamps that can be placed next to game tables or reading chairs. Incandescent or LED light bulbs are popular options for task lighting. Accent lighting can be used for the purpose of focusing on elements like a plant, sculpture, painting, bookcase or fireplace.
  • Track lighting can be used to accentuate artwork while placing uplights on the floor would serve as good accent lighting for flowers and plants. Visit a Manchester Lighting Shop here.

Larger living rooms can benefit from valances on opposite walls, lights installed directly above fireplaces and table lamps near reading chairs. Wall switches can be replaced with dimmers in smaller living rooms for versatility and energy efficiency.


With emphasis on preparing food and cleaning up along with the tendency of being a social spot, kitchens need carefully considered ambient and task lighting. Consider task lighting for the sink and counters where a lot of work goes on. Sinks are usually situated at windows in order to maximise on natural light. Lighting experts highly recommend this layout.

Natural light may be augmented with recessed or ceiling mounted fixtures over the sink; Lighting under the cabinets is an effective approach to illuminating countertops without depending on overhead lights that may cast shadows while a person works at the counters.


With focus on personal grooming that involves viewing yourself in a mirror; carefully considered lighting placements are required for bathrooms. Lighting each side of the mirror is a worthwhile improvement to avoid casting shadows from ceiling mounted fixtures that are centrally placed.


Closet and bedside reading lights are among the main concerns when it comes to bedroom lighting. Adjustable wall mounted fixtures are recommended for bedside reading with each light being operated by its own switch. Floor lamps can provide ambient lighting. Recessed fixtures are often used for closet. It is important to note that a dark wall will reflect less light and vice versa.


Outdoor lights serve many purposes, including aesthetics, security and safety along the pathways. Quality fixtures are essential to guarantee durability and avoid frequent replacements due to the harsh outdoor environment.

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