In-demand jobs in Melksham during COVID-19
13th August 2020
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COVID-19 has affected not only the health sector but also the labor market. During the introduction of self-isolation, many specialists lost their earnings, and organizations suffered losses. Having lost money or a job, specialists are looking for demanded and relevant professions during the coronavirus period. 

The spread of the coronavirus has pushed the evolution of jobs. Remote work will become commonplace. By gaining experience in the transition to telecommuting, companies will be able to improve the mechanism for managing remote and distributed teams. 

The epidemic has shown how important it is for companies to follow the path of digitalization and automation, so the demand for IT specialists will increase in the near future. In addition, medicine and biotechnology will actively develop: employers will look for new personnel. Let’s find out what jobs in Melksham will be popular in the coming months? 


The rampant coronavirus in the world will bring brand new professions to the market. For example, a digital curator, an organizer of virtual business tours, a consultant for optimizing online business processes. In order to improve your job search, you can contact the CMD Recruitment agency. You are guaranteed to receive qualified advice and quick results. This will save time and prevent you from scrolling through the same listings every day looking for jobs.

Tourism and air transport workers were seriously affected. Due to the introduced self-isolation, places of cultural recreation are closed: security guards, cooks, waiters, guides are deprived of jobs.

 Some professions will remain unclaimed during the pandemic and after the coronavirus. Fitness centers will not be able to fully cover the clientele, so even experienced trainers will be forced to look for work. After the pandemic, the demand for orders for apartment renovation may decrease. Employees of entertainment centers and beauty salons will suffer. Many citizens begin to save money, so they postpone purchases of expensive goods and services that are not essential.

Due to the coronavirus, there is a growing demand for doctors and delivery staff. IT specialists are not left without work. In the center of employment, there are vacancies of loaders, cashiers, drivers, postmen, packers and sales managers.

Orderlies and nurses are also in-demand during the coronavirus. Training for nursing staff can only be completed by specialists with medical education. During the closure of crowded places, law enforcement officers need to control the movement of people, so the demand for the profession increases. 

During the coronavirus period, pharmacists are needed by society. The disinfector is another relevant profession during a pandemic. Such specialists are responsible for sanitizing surfaces from viruses. 

The situation in the country provokes a transition to a digital economy. Many organizations work remotely during the pandemic. Therefore, specialties of the following areas remain relevant professions during the coronavirus period: banks, telecom operators, insurance companies, educational institutions, etc. 

What to do if the profession lost its relevance during a pandemic? If your specialty turns out to be unnecessary, it is worth considering other employment options and, if necessary, professional training. 

While hotels, restaurants and tour operators are forced to lay off workers, the delivery industry is booming. The profession of a courier has not only a good present but also a promising future.

The high demand for couriers is associated with the growth of the online delivery segment. Therefore, it is likely that even after the coronavirus, companies will continue to actively hire.

The development of e-commerce is also associated with an increase in demand for call center operators. With the transition to telecommuting, the demand for IT specialists has increased who will be able to maintain the viability of the IT infrastructure of companies.

Employers are interested in the selection of middle and top managers who will be able to propose a strategy for the company's development in a changing environment.

Among the least vulnerable professions in the context of the transition to remote work and increased measures to curb the spread of coronavirus are retail workers, logistics, tutors.

Applicants have opportunities to earn money and professional development in all areas. The career prospects of employees depend on the companies in which they work, on how quickly they can reorient the business, and find a way out of the crisis.


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