Importance of Pregnancy Spa London
21st February 2022
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The spa can provide a pregnant woman with a rejuvenating experience. The spa provides the services of various kinds of massages that relax each stressed muscle of the body and restore its strength and agility.

Can you go to a spa, if Pregnant?

A spa is a place people go to relax from the tensions of their lives. The relaxing giving services of the spa can provide you with an amazing experience. The services might be of sauna, salon, gym, fitness club, and steam room.

Although everyone can be stressed with some responsibilities on their shoulders there are some cases during which going to a spa without caution can be problematic. Such as pregnancy, sometimes pregnant women are not allowed to receive the services which were supposed to de-stress them before carrying a baby, like hot baths and showers.

It is said that a pregnant woman should not engage herself with hot service services. Although to overcome the stress and pains there are other ways to give it a try. Such as prenatal massages, these massages are specially designed for pregnant women which means they do not use any harmful ingredient to mother or child in any service including wax, facials, and scrubs.

What things to know before going to a Spa?

Ask about the ingredients of the materials used in the treatment. The experienced therapists would be aware of the consequences of using non-recommended materials in the treatment. So, it would be safe to trust them with the procedure. However, let them know if you have any allergy to a specific oil, flower, scent, etc. 

If you are going to pregnancy spa London for your scheduled massage.Then you already know that hot showers could be contagious for both of you and your kid. But the use of extra water is highly encouraged because massage can dehydrate your body even a pregnancy massage.

Possible complications of pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with a lot of complications no matter what. Some symptoms are tied to pregnancy such as morning sickness and heartburn. These symptoms are shown in every mother-to-be according to their health and stage of pregnancy.

The most common problem is that women in this situation cannot lie straight for long. The reason is that doing so disturbs the blood flow in the body and also the cholesterol level.

Any married lady of reproductive age will tell you what she most wants to hear. She'll say she'd want to receive the good news that she's expecting a child. You can Know About The 21 Early Signs Of Pregnancy that indicate that you are expecting a child.

Benefits of massage in pregnancy

Being happy is the key to surpassing your pregnancy journey without any problem. Pregnant women never used to face the complications; women of this new age are facing. They were never worried about the diet and God knows what. But now, modern women need to fulfill every instruction given by the practitioner.

The reason is a lot of variables but prominent ones are junk diet and lack of exercise. People need to earn money more than anything even their health. They can work all day but cannot manage a small amount of time for exercise. Which makes their lives much more miserable and unamusing.

In the same way, pregnant women nowadayscannot complete their time duration of pregnancy due to upset immune systems and lack of healthy diet and exercise. These massages also prove to be beneficial in the state of lying straight. The therapist relaxes the veins and muscles so the blood can continue to flow at a normal rate.

The reflexology technique of massage canalso be used for a pregnant lady to provide peace to the mind and body.

Trimester stages with massage

First trimester

Generally, women are not allowed to go to pregnancy spa London unless it is doctor recommended. The reason is the early stage of the making of the fetus, which if go wrong can bring complications throughout the pregnancy. These massages provide the mother-to-be with reduced backache and chronic pains.

Second trimester

This second trimester allows the belly to grow and the baby inside. With increasing the days of pregnancy, the care and weight of the belly also increase. Which disturbs the old center of gravity of the body resulting in more back pain, swollen hands, and feet.

Eating small amounts of healthy food throughout the day and wearing loose clothes can help you get through this phase easily. Meridian Spa offers the best pregnancy spa treatments in town.

Third trimester

The third trimester is the phase of completion of the baby inside the belly. The mother in this trimester feels the urge to eat and to urinate at its maximum throughout the pregnancy. This phase brings the maximum changes to the physical changes. Such as swollen feet, swollen hands, belly size at maximum, etc.

This is the time to take as much rest as you can. This might be the best time to ask for help from friends and family if needed. Keep yourself from any kind of stress and anxiety to encourage the production of more happy hormones in the body.

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