Teeth whitening in Croydon or how to give Simon Cowell & Cheryl Cole gleaming white gnashers envy!
28th November 2012
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Teeth whitening in Croydon or how to give  Simon Cowell & Cheryl Cole gleaming white gnashers envy!

My favourite hairdresser in Croydon, JAM Hair in Croydon, have recently introduced a new teeth whitening service.

Let me start by saying that I was more than a little bit sceptic about the results teeth whitening could provide and rather worried not only about my teeth sensitivity changing but also about the dent it would put in my wallet.

Since I was going in to have my hair done, I thought hey why not, let’s give this a try.

DISCLAIMER: My teeth have never been really yellow but they certainly weren't white either.

The teeth whitenining process:

Simples! The wonderful team at Croydon based JAM gives you your own individual ready-made gum shield which is filled with product (that contains no peroxicle or bleach – apparently that’s quite important). You insert said shield into mouth. (I am quite a gagger with that sort of things usually but that wasn’t a problem this time). Sit in front of laser light for 20 minutes (I followed the advice of the team and staid on for 30 minutes). Remove shield. Warn people around to come prepared with sunglasses as you might ‘blind’ them. Et voila!

The results:

I think Simon & Cheryl can still safely claim to have whiter pearls than me, but the results on my own teeth have been brilliant. I can definitely tell the difference and more importantly, so can others around me.

The investment:

HUGE! Nah no really… the whole process cost under £80 at the moment (launch price).

The sensitivity of my teeth: It’s still early days but I have had hot food and very cold drinks since the treatment and so far it hasn’t made the slightest bit of difference.

Would I do it again? Absolutely! It’s perfect timing too for a busy lady like me: while I have to wait for my hair to get a lot less white, I spend some time getting my teeth a lot whiter!

Overall: The team was brilliant, I couldn’t be happier with the results, the entire experience was completely pain, stress and hassle-free and in cool surroundings – I’ll definitely be back for more! Thank you team JAM.


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