How's your Christmas marketing campaign going?
15th December 2009
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I have just read a great article about marketing during holiday periods.

Starr Hall, author of Get Connected: The Social Networking Toolkit for Business, details some common mistakes marketing managers and business owners make at this time of year, debunking a few myths in the process.

She tackles communications, customer care, special offers and tapping into end of year budgets, amongst other issues.

It's simple, common sense advice, but for many of us we're just too caught up in organising everything else to do with the festive season, that we think "we'll get to that in the New Year".

It's true many of our contacts and clients may also be thinking the same thing, but it might also be perfect timing as far as they're concerned - what have you got to lose? It's certainly worth tapping into the holiday spirit and using it as an excuse to get in touch with people, and Starr Hall has some simple suggestions.

To read Starr Hall's article 7 Holiday Marketing Mistakes To Avoid, click here.


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