How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade
28th November 2018
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If you have a sharp mower, it is good for your lawn as it cuts the grass easily and provides you with a healthy environment. The grass in your yard can be cut cleanly, and the lawn is left even with fewer splits in the grass ends. Your mower will also require less maintenance and last for a more extended period when it gets the opportunity to cut the grass with less effort than it would have with blunt blades.  If you want to sharpen your mower blade you need to remove it from the machine and file it sedges. You can use sandpaper or grind it to get the best results. You can use sandpaper to sharpen with your hands or use a grinder or a Dremel to sharpen your mower’s blade. You must remember to turn off the machine and remove the spark plug before you remove the blades. Wear your glasses and gloves to protect your eyes and hands from an injury.

Steps involved sharpening your lawn mower blade with your hands

  • Loosen the nut that fixes the blade to the mower
  • Remove any rust present on the blade with the help of steel brush or steel wool.
  • Fix the blade on the side of a solid surface where you can work on it freely.
  • Follow the angle on the blade and file the cutting edge following the same angle.

Steps involved sharpening your lawn mower blade with a grinder

  • You will require a bench grinder if the blade of your mower is damaged.
  • Grinder helps to sharpen the blades of your mower professionally.
  • To get a straight and blunt edge run the blade of your mower perpendicular to the grinder’s wheel. This will remove gouges and nicks if present.
  • You must keep grinding the blade until you get a satisfactory sharpness. It is important to maintain the angle while you sharpen the complete length of the blade.
  • Place the sharpened blade on a blade balancer or on a nail from the center point to check the balance of the blade.
  • If you find the blade to be unbalanced then remove a bit of the material from the side which is heavy to get a proper balance.
  • You can reattach the sharpened blade to your lawn mower.

Steps involved sharpening your lawn mower blade with Dremel

  • You need to clamp the blade in such a way that you can access one end of it. Use a wire brush to remove all dirt and grass from its surface.
  • Fix a Dremel part No. 932 into the Dremel rotary corded or cordless tool. Fix it tightly on the collar. Remove the nose cap and put the blade of the land mower to sharpen it.
  • Set the rotation speed of the tool to 2500 rpm. As the attachment runs along the blade, it gets sharpened.
  • Check the balance by placing it on a nail or a blade balancer. You will get a blade balancer in the market for approximately 5 Dollar. If the blade is heavy at one end, you must remove the extra weight.
  • Fix it back into your land mower with the help of a screwdriver or wrench.


You can make the mowing task easier and quicker by sharpening the blade of your mower quite frequently. Frequent sharpening will not consume much time as you do not have to grind it much to get a sharp edge. You must dip the blade in water several times to keep it cool; otherwise, the blade gets weakened due to overheating while you grind it. Dry the blade before you fit it back into your mower.


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