How to perfectly Pitch Your Guests Posts
21st February 2019
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  •  Guests posts are writing and publishing an article on others blog or site.
  • Guests posts have became very popular now-a-days.

  • Guest bloggers write blogs for other sites for reputation of their article and they also get paid.






  • If you want to write a guest post go through the blogs of the site and write the comments on the blog and get familiar to the owner of the blog.

  • This is because the blog owners get a lot of mails per day and they may not go through all mails, they may prefer the mails which they know.

  • You can also give them new ideas for the posts through comments.

  • This shows your interest in blogging and the way you understand their blogs.

  • As you have established your relationship with the owner of the blog there may be chances for you to get selected.






  • Writing a mail is very important because “First Impression is the Best Impression”.

  • Do not use more praising words in the mail which may make your mail rejected.

  • Keep your mail short, simple and understandable.

  • Do not make your mail more than 500-800 words.




  • One of the important things while writing a mail is the subject of the mail which describes it.

  • The subject should be short and describing the content of the mail and can be enclosed in double quotes.

  • This subject may be optional but if included should follow above rules.

  • Mention the topic you want to write about and mention the editor by name.

  • Try to connect a personal note by finding something you have in common.

  • However the length of the subject is not concerned because most of the editors go through the subject to get a view on the mail.






  • Now coming to the most important part of mail is body of the mail which includes the request to the owner of the blog for a guest blog.

  • The content of the blog should reflect the passion of you as a blogger and try to express about their blogs and how you can take their blogs to next level.

  • Also include the blogs which you have written in your site or others site.

  • Do not make it too long as it makes the reader get bored.

  • Do not make spelling mistakes as it gives a bad impression and show your writing skills.

  • Follow the guidelines of the site, if not this may give a bad impression on you.




  • If you want to standout more than anyone, do some pre-outreach.

  • Pitch articles around topics that have organic search traffic potential.

  • Do not over look any part of a blog’s guest post pitch guidelines.

  • A straightforward and direct approach is important in guest post pitching.         


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