How to grow your business online and advertise
5th September 2020
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If you are a business and looking to get online but you are unsure where to start we will help you in this handy guide.

Get a website

More and more businesses nowadays are going online, especially if you want to grow your online store and sell goods. Or just have a simple website to advertise your business.

To get your own website you will need:

  • Your own domain
  • A hosting provider
  • Web designer

Choosing your own domain

A domain is your own brand so it's best to try and keep the name the same as your business if you can.

Domains also have many extension types including .com or even .net. Choose one that you think would be a good fit for your business. A .com domain for example is a worldwide domain extension whereas a domain such as .fr which is French or even which is UK and so on.

You may even ask yourself do the domain extension types help? The simple answer is yes as search engines such as Google specifically target the domain type by country.

Choosing a hosting provider

Once you have your domain you will need a hosting provider. You may even ask yourself do you need web hosting? If you're going to have a website built or even just for emails then you'll need it, think of it as the domain as the PC and the hosting as the hard drive. One will not work without the other.

Before you decide to take out any web hosting plan make sure they offer some key essentials:

  • Do they offer support should you have any issues?
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Does the company have any reviews?
  • Server uptime?
  • Which control panel is included?
  • Does the chosen hosting package match your requirements?

These are the main key points when choosing a hosting provider, we would also recommend a reliable domain and hosting provider such as Web Hosting UK that offers all the essential requirements and support mentioned above.


Now that you have your domain and hosting the next step you have a few options for your design.

  • Design the website yourself
  • Use a design company

Design yourself

If you are wanting to design the website yourself then we'd recommend building it on a content management system such as WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular option and includes hundreds of free templates should you wish to design the website yourself.

WordPress also goes further with plugins to adapt and integrate into your website, great for those that are unable to code.

Use a design company

The easier option if you're not that confident or don't have the time to create the website yourself is to use a design company. Some key points to consider are:

  • Make sure they offer a contract outlining requirements.
  • Always offer 50% upfront and the remainder on completion.
  • Check out previous work.
  • Check any reviews.

Advertising options

Once your website is completed you are ready to get your business out there! Here are some of the most popular advertising options:

  • Facebook - Advertise your website from relevant Facebook groups or create paid advertisements for specific locations, you can also set your amount per day to spend.
  • Instagram - Add images of your own work and connect to other business to grow and show off your work to others.
  • Google maps - Free and great way of advertising your business on Google maps, a recommendation for all businesses!
  • Google Ads - Paid advertisements on the top of Google listings when someone types in any of your keywords. You can set your own budget per day and we also recommend PPC (Pay Per Click).


Find a reliable domain and hosting provider that offers all of your requirements to build a successful website. Set your daily advertising budget with your chosen advertiser and don't forget to add your website to Google maps for free!

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