How to detox for Spring & avoid hayfever and tiredness
12th March 2010
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By Savita Bandhari

From Healthvibes in Croydon


Spring is a great time of year to detoxify and promote an outflow of toxins from the body. The liver is associated with the Wood element according to the Chinese theory, and spring is associated with the Wood element.

When this is out of balance, a person may feel stiffness in the body and mind. Physically there are symptoms of fatigue, repeated infections, skin problems, headaches, constipation, bloating, gas, bad breath, joint pains, feeling stuck and depression.

The liver detoxifies when it is in balance, however when it is overburdened during stress, or when we become nutritionally deficient, then it cannot function properly and the physical symptoms start to appear, one of which is not being able to cope with pollen, for some people, which then results in hayfever.

Healthvibes clinic can offer you a seasonal spring detox with bioresonance therapy which can be focused to help the liver with relevant liver programs. We can also recommend nutritional supplements to help the liver work more efficiently, these will be prescribed according to your individual needs.

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