How to choose a smart watch for kids?
11th January 2019
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The modern market of mobile electronics offers us a huge number of gadgets, including smartphones, tablets and smart watches. All of them are suitable for an adult user, but for children you need special models that guarantee their safety, are sufficiently functional, and are sold at an affordable price. A wide range of these devices makes the choice difficult.

What smartwatch to buy a child?

To solve this problem it is necessary to have certain criteria that take into account both the requirements of the parents and the needs of their owner.

The main criteria for selecting children's "smart" watches.

When parents choose a suitable model of smartwatches for their child, they do not pay attention to those features that they usually look at when buying a wrist gadget for an adult. So, if the ordinary user is primarily interested in the hardware of such a device, the amount of memory and the ability to install additional applications, then design, protection from external influences and level of autonomy matter for children.

However, the presence of a camera and built-in games, as well as the measurement of health indicators will not be superfluous even for children's watches - but their main parameters are still control possibilities. The main objective of the gadget is to ensure security, and priority must be given to the clock, with the possibility of interception and location at any time.

Gadget Design

Appearance is not the main characteristic for parents, but important for the child. Younger children (smart watches are already buying for users of 5-6 years old) are more suitable for bright colors of the case and strap, rounded shape. It is also recommended to have on-screen cartoon characters that not only delight the child, but also make the model look like an ordinary children's watch.

For teenagers, bright coloring is no longer needed, although colors are important too. Boys usually choose gadgets with a black or blue case, smart watches for girls are more often red, yellow or pink. A universal option are metallic colors, golden and green shades. The form factor of the watch should be similar to adult models.

Screen characteristics

When choosing a watch display, you should consider three options:

1. Usual liquid crystal screen and control buttons; 2.Touch panel, which control the clock; 3. Combined control - using the sensor and keys.

The presence of the sensor simplifies the use of hours, allowing not only to receive calls and messages, but also to quickly type texts for SMS. On the other hand, the touch screen increases the cost of the device - although not enough to look at it with doubt. The choice between the color and black-and-white display is also not very important, since children's smart watches are almost never monochrome.

Health indicators

The functionality of kids smart watch may include determining the parameters of its health. Some models that we found can control number of steps, show how many calories are spent during the day, check activity. More expensive versions have a sleep monitoring feature.

The presence of a heart rate monitor in children's smart watches is not required by most parents. Exact sensors significantly increase the cost of the model. And inexpensive devices have a high error.

Protection from external influences

When buying interactive watches for children at hand, you need to look at their protection from water, dust and mechanical stress. This is especially important for boys of any age.

When buying interactive watches for children at hand, you need to look at their protection from water, dust and mechanical stress. This is especially important for boys of any age. Their activity may lead to early failure of the gadget.

IP 67/68 protection will allow the child to wash their hands or bathe, without worrying about the safety of smartwatches. Safety glass protects the screen from scratches. The better the watch is protected, the higher its value.

Communication with Smartphones

First of all, parents pay attention to children's watches with a sim card of a mobile operator because of the need to control the location. However, other models are no longer being released, and you will have to choose not by the presence of a mobile connection (which should be the default), but by the possibilities of navigation.

By choosing the best children's watch with GPS, you can get a position determination by satellite - with greater reliability, but not always with high accuracy. Navigation over Wi-Fi networks is also found and is quite suitable for controlling a child in a large settlement.

An important characteristic of children's smartwatches is the functionality of the application, which is installed on the parents' phone. All models are synchronized with smartphones on Android, most well interact with iPhones. After synchronization, the following information is transmitted to the phone:

-the position of the child (indicated on the map); -signals of going beyond the established limits (area of - for example, the road to school); -data on the state of health (in the presence of such functions in hours).

The most functional devices provide the ability to listen. To do this, parents use a smartphone, receiving audio information about events occurring in close proximity to the child. Mode invisible to children, the screen remains locked.

Autonomy and additional functionality

The time of work of gadgets without charging reaches 1-3 days, depending on the battery capacity. The average is about 2 days. When charging, the clock is set at night, when the child is sleeping, the recovery time of the battery capacity does not exceed 1 to 2 hours.

The presence of built-in games for children's smartwatches cannot be called an important function - especially since it is unlikely to be interesting to play on a small screen. Built-in cameras can be useful, giving the opportunity to take a picture for an avatar, selfie or pictures. Some models allow your child to send voice and text messages, call the phone numbers of selected contacts (10 to 15 numbers) and communicate with the owners of other smartwatches.


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