How to Check Bihar Land Records Information
17th January 2019
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Bihar state government has now eased the process of checking your Land Records thanks to the Website of the Revenue and Land Reclamation Department. This website contains every land information for all the districts in Bihar state. The website has proven to be beneficial since you do not have to move from your current location. Furthermore, you will get to save on time since the site operates 24/7 unlike land's offices which are usually open for a specified period of time. As same as Bihar Land Records website another state i.e West Bengal state also will follow the same guidelines to check the Banglarbhumi Know your Property in the WB official website. However, you must get access to an internet network before using your gadget I.e. Personal Computer, Desktop Computer or Smartphone to visit the Site.  Any resident of Bihar state can make use of the steps given below to check their Bihar Land records information.

  • Open your installed browser and enter as the official link of accessing the Revenue and Land Reclamation Department website of Bihar state.
  • You will be redirected to the homepage of this web application from where you should click on "Search your Land" link.
  • You will be able to see the map of Bihar state from where you should choose the concerned district.
  • A new web page will appear on the screen of your device. Here, select the relevant Mauja name to see your account. This action will generate a drop-down menu for checking all the Mauja accounts by name, Account number, Khesra number or account holder's name.
  • Select the option that you wish to use before clicking on "Search for Account" option.
  • You will be able to see the Khesra number, husband/father's name, account number and jurisdiction Records.
  • Click on "View" to have a look at your Bihar Land record information.
  • Finally, download the land records details into your Personal Computer by clicking on "Download" button. You must select the location for saving this information before clicking on "Save" button.

It is highly advisable that you print your Bihar Land records information for future reference. To perform this action, you must click on the "Print" button. You now have a hard copy of your land records information.

Importance of Bihar Land Records Information

Obtaining a certified copy of your Bihar Land records information is very important since it can be used for various purposes.  Some of the benefits of having your land information include:

  • Checking the ownership of ancestral land or any other piece of land that has issues.
  • You may have to submit your Bihar Land records information in a court of law in case of any civil litigation.
  • The land records is a must have whenever you sale your piece of land.
  • Bihar land Records Information endorses the real owner of any given land.
  • Bihar ROR is an important document which you can use to get information regarding an agricultural aspect of land and its surrounding areas.

You should get a copy of your Bihar Land Records Information on a yearly basis in order to know whether the details are updated in the website.

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