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26th March 2019
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Wearing glasses can be cumbersome for adults and even more so for children. It is entirely possible that children do not like the way they appear with glasses and may even be teased regarding this.


As a parent, you can sit down with your child and discuss your options. If your child is ready and willing to take responsibility, you can switch to contact lenses.


But, before you do that let us answer the most commonly asked questions -

 1. Are contacts safe for children?

Yes, contacts are extremely safe. They pose no more risk for children than they would for adults. In fact, even some infants are required to wear contacts.

2. At what age can children start wearing contacts?

As you know now, even infants can wear contacts in case of congenital defects. But the recommended age for children is 8. This is because at this age they can be responsible enough to remove and insert their lenses correctly.


Contact lenses can do wonders for your child’s self-confidence but you must have an open discussion and figure out if your child wants lenses or if you do. It is best to ask their opinion than to assume that they want lenses.


Here’s how contact lenses can help with your child’s self-confidence -


  1. Help them see better: Lenses are much better than glasses when it comes to vision. Their field of vision is not obstructed by the frame of the glasses.
  2. Doesn’t fall off easily: Children, especially young children, have a habit of running around causing them to knock over their glasses and break them. This is less likely to happen with lenses.
  3. No fogging whatsoever: Unlike glasses, lenses do not fog up and cause temporary vision problems.
  4. Improves their self-esteem: Some children do not like the way their glasses make them look which can cause them to feel shy and less confident. Lenses are a great way for children to feel ‘normal’ and become more accepting of the way they look. Having low self-esteem in childhood can affect them for years to come. So, it is really important to tackle this problem.
  5. Lets them lead an active life: If your child is into sports, they may have been able to play to their fullest potential because of their glasses. If their vision is very blurry without glasses, it is impossible for them to remove their glasses for the game. This is where lenses can help tremendously. Lenses can be worn while playing contact sports which means your child no longer has to stay on the bench. They can actively pursue sports, even swimming with specially made goggles or by wearing lenses with goggles.
  6. Colored Contacts: Colored contacts may seem like a controversial topic with children but lots of parents find that by letting your child take control of their appearance, their self-esteem picks up immediately. Of course, even with colored contacts, you must first visit a doctor to get a consultation. If the doctor gives their approval, the right size contact lens can be bought online. Whether it is for a special event or everyday use, colored contacts work pretty much the same way as normal lenses. They still have to be taken care of but if your child likes the way they look, then the effort is a small price to pay. If you are looking for natural looking colored contacts, try anesthesia lenses like the anesthesia la mocha that will give your child a striking but natural appearance.






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