How high before we stop?
11th June 2008
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Is Croydon public transport getting more popular?

Whenever the Government tells us NOT to do something, there is always a great chance many will go ahead and do it anyway!

And today was no exception 'we know lorry drivers are threatening to block petrol depots, but please do not panic buy'. Hmm let me think about that one... and stop at the next available petrol station to fill up my tank.

To justify my petrol purchase of this afternoon, I have to say that I was nearly out anyway!

The 'panic buy' side of thing came more in the form of the amount of petrol that went into my reasonably sized and fairly economical Peugeot 306... over £60 of it!

That suddenly made me think... how high do petrol prices need to go before we stop driving? I suppose I could survive without a car and rely on public transport. I mean, if Croydon had only one thing to be proud about, it would have to be its public transport. The train will take you to pretty much anywhere from East Croydon and the tram is ideal for local journeys.

Are you driving less? Taking public transport a bit more? If you use a car mostly for personal use, that habit has been getting much more expensive, have you felt the need to cut down? Will there be a point where we simply can not afford our car any more?

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