How Are Croydon Employers Coping With The Pressure?
19th March 2009
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With the country in the grip of the Big R, we hear almost daily of another company making staff redundant, or imposing shorter working weeks.

If the company is doing it right, they will not only have their own financial interests at heart, but also those of their employees. One has to hope that they make any such dramatic contractual changes under sound advice and that "last resorts" remain just that.

I read the monthly newsletter from Croydon's Irenicon Ltd with interest this month, as it outlines various options employers can investigate in order to reduce costs in an effective and fair way. Difficult decisions have to be made, but at a time where stresses are already high, I suspect some companies are tempted to deliver a knee-jerk reaction and lay people off unnecessarily. Redundancies cost money in lump sums, where possibly hours could be willingly reduced to better financial effect. Also the end cost could be considerably higher if the correct process is not met and the employer finds themselves at a tribunal, or at the very least threatened with one. Irenicon's website is a good place to start whether you are an employer or employed, even if it's to help prevent having to make those difficult decisions in the first place. Signing up for their free newsletter could also be an option - get knowledge, and get it right.


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