How A Webinar Can 100× Your Email List and Build Financial Freedom
6th March 2019
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You're missing big if you don't use a webinar. This case study is on Amy Porterfield, a successful marketer who helps people build their businesses. After quitting her job in the corporate world, her first years in entrepreneurship were rough. Her wins were often marred by self-doubts.

Porterfield has the best-selling courses, multiple 7 figure revenue streams and a top-rated podcast. While her new venture wasn't sunshine and rainbows, Porterfield was able to turn her initial struggles into success through online entrepreneurship.

This article is about how Porterfield has successfully managed to increase her email list to more than 250,000 loyal fans by using Easy Webinar.

How she uses Easy Webinar

Porterfield has used it in many facets of online marketing. She acknowledges that webinars made her email list grow from 600 to more than 250,000 plus subscribers. She runs advertisements via Facebook in order to get names and email sign-ups.

Webinars have been integral in changing Porterfield's business completely. After delivering content on webinar, she starts the selling process. She also uses her existing clients to build relationships.


Easy Webinar: Six tips of Amy Porterfield


1. Content is important

You should create amazing content that the audience will appreciate. Porterfield believes it is important to think of the needs of your attendees and what they want. High quality content will make them want to come for more. Porterfield also advises you shouldn't go for too long about your story.

People attend want to know how you can be of help to them-they are less interested in how you became successful. Even though it's OK to talk about yourself, you should focus more on building trust and confidence with your audience.

2. Be careful not to "overshare"

Even if your content is good, oversharing can make your audience not to purchase your product. You should not give too much to the audience. You want the attendees to get inspired and not confused. Set parameters if need be to keep your presentation on point. You should also practice in advance to familiarize yourself with what you want to share with your audience.

3. You should figure be convincing

Webinar is what you're selling, Why is its essence to the audience and How is the product you're selling. You should use the webinar to show a viable opportunity and why the audience should embrace it.. You shouldn't spend too much time so as not to overload your audience with a lot of content.

4. Webinars should be utilized in scaling up the business

You should use your blog and podcast to get leads. You should think of a new audience to get them into webinars. You should continuously churn out content so as to continue getting more audience.

5. Utilize webinars to grow your email list

Porterfield used webinars to increase her list from 600 to 250,000 plus subscribers. However, she cautions that the increase in list size does not always result in more sales.

6. You should cultivate good relationships with Existing Students

You should use a webinar to create good rapport with existing students. They can help your email list to grow even if an increase in subscribers doesn't necessarily translate to increase in sales.


You should close well regardless of whether you take too long or not. Amy Porterfield says that your webinar should leave the audience feeling inspired, excited and willing to purchase your product.


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