HIIT Workouts- Helping You To Stay Fit and Healthy
29th October 2018
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Many people who are eager to lose weight fast are not aware of the right kind of techniques that must be made use of. One of the quickest methods to lose weight in a short span of time is adopting the very powerful HIIT workouts. When performed in the right manner, this special workout can easily deliver you the expected results.However, as this kind of workout is a little demanding, it is required that you first warm up so as to not put any sudden pressure on your body. You need to be mentally strong so as to gain high benefits from HIIT.


HIIT basically stands for High Intensity Interval Training. As should be clear from the name itself, this kind of training requires you to perform high intensity exercises at regular intervals. During the intervals between high intensity exercises, one can take active rest or complete rest. Active rest refers to the resting period in which one is expected to perform low intensity exercises such as running or jogging. In complete rest period, you are not required to do anything and can give complete rest to your body.


HIIT workouts are power-packed workout regimes that contain a mix of cardio exercises. These exercises do not only make you look fit, but they also go far in making you feel fit from the inside. Such a workout is known to work marvellously well to tone the body, enhance the endurance, losing weight as well as improving strength and speed. It is due to all these benefits associated with HIIT, that this kind of workout is preferred by sportsmen. It fundamentally originated as a workout routine of athletes, which has now become highly popular among people owing to multiple benefits it offers.


If you are just starting with HIIT workouts then you can just include it for 3 times a week and then increase its frequency slowly when your body gets used to it. This is a wonderful workout routine that can be used to achieve a host of fitness goals, such as getting lean, building muscle mass and burning fat. The intensity of interval training should be set as per the present physical fitness level of your body as well as considering the time your body takes to recover from the workout.


Plus, another benefit of following this unique exercise routine is the fact that you do not need to invest hours in exercise. Just 20 minutes a day is all that you need to devote to extract high advantage from this remarkable exercise technique. It is such a great relief knowing that now you can easily achieve all your fitness goals without spending hours in a gymnasium. This powerful workout routine is fully capable of delivering the needed results without investing a lot of time in exercise.


The magnificence of HIIT workouts lies in a phenomenon known as the EPOC effect. EPOC stands for Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption. Due to this effect, the body keeps on burning calories for as long as 24 hours after you have completed the exercise. This effect happens because this kind of training increases your metabolic rate to a great high, and the time that your body takes to return back to its normal state leads to burning of a significant number of calories. This effect is a unique feature of this striking workout regime, which is not associated with any other kind of workout schedule. The fast weight loss that happens when one starts following this extreme exercise routine is a result of this matchless effect. The measure of EPOC produced in the body is directly dependent on the amount of effort you put in exercise. The more intense your workout, the more time your body takes to recover from the exercise, which leads to an enhanced EPOC that continues for a long time.


The best part about following the very effective HIIT workouts is that there is no need to join a gymnasium or get an expensive membership at a fitness centre to include this result-oriented exercise in your schedule. Thanks to the advanced technology, today you can easily make use of various at-home fitness programs to learn about the correct method of performing exercises included in HIIT. These programs are absolutely comprehensive in nature which means that they contain all the necessary guidelines to go ahead with the program.


These programs are very adroitly designed to help the users advance gradually from the level of a novice to the level of an expert. They contain clearly mentioned exercise sets along with defined time periods as well as exercises. These remarkable home fitness programs present a great way to accomplish all your set health goals without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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