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29th August 2017
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Did you know that divorce rates spike in August and January...?! I guess it makes sense - couples may decide that taking that holiday can be their one last shoot at making the relationship work, but then enduring the intense time family time together on holiday or over the Christmas period in fact actually led them to breaking point. They may not want to ruin the holiday or Christmas break by dealing with it all beforehand, or perhaps some people feel like they need to start the new year with a clean slate.

Many couples claim that the differences they noticed before they went away on holiday or had time together over Christmas became irreconcilable immediately afterwards, and so separation and divorce proceedings begin. 

Whatever the reason, if you're currently going through this upheaval in your life, and have decided that the only way to conclude things is to file for divorce, then it's essential to seek legal advice and consider the financial implications of taking this life changing step.

Atkins Hope Solictors in Croydon are a specialist firm of solicitors that can help you see all the angles - not just financially but also in terms of how time will be divided between your children - and raise any issues that you may even not have thought about.

They are proud of their approach which is clearly aimed at achieving the best solution for you - quickly, cost effectively and without unnecessary confrontation. With divorce in most cases being a difficult and emotional process, Atkins Hope recognises that it is important that husband and wife both receive proper advice to ensure that any difficulties arising from the relationship break-down can be kept to a minimum.

They also support Family Mediation Ltd - the Divorce & Separation centre that is committed to working with solicitors through the mediation process. Coming to an agreement that works for both parties really is the ideal end result.

With four solicitors who are recognised experts in the field of divorce you can be sure of a personal service from a friendly and approachable team of specialist divorce and family lawyers.

And it's not just divorce that Atkins Hope can help you with. They are also able to help with a whole host of additional issues that can occur when it comes to family and relationships. From civil partnerships to pre-nuptial agreements, mediation to the needs to children, changing names and even dealing with harassment or domestic abuse, they've dealt with it all. If you need any of these matters urgently and sensitively resolved, then please give the team at Atkins Hope Solicitors a call today.

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