Health plan for Croydon’s obese children
2nd April 2009
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I read in the Croydon Guardian this week that a shocking quarter of Croydon's reception-age children are classified as obese, with the numbers rising as they get older. The Croydon Primary Care Trust have in consequence created a series of programmes targeting both the children and their families. Croydon Boost will cover exercise and nutritional issues, focusing on re-educating about healthy lifestyles.

While I applaud the scheme, I hope there will be a decent balance between targeting what is obviously a growing problem, and avoiding creating a generation of weight-obsessed adults. I'm all for healthy eating - we grow our own veg and keep chickens - and we try to do a lot together as a family, but the issues have to be dealt with appropriately in order to prevent unrealistic self-image issues later on in life.

Meanwhile, even if your children aren't overweight, check out the Croydon PCT Boost scheme to see if there are any pointers your family could enjoy.


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