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27th January 2010
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Croydon Council are asking for input from Croydon residents for their Environmental Improvement Programme (EIP).

With financial backing from the Housing Revenue Account of £5,000 a year, the EIP tackles improvements to communal areas around resident's home's throughout the Surrey borough. The annual budget is shared between the three main districts of Croydon, South Central, North and East.

Croydon Residents do have a say in how the funds are spent however, and the EIP page on Croydon Council's website is a good place to start to learn more about the scheme and how to get involved.

Between January 2010 and 1st April 2010, applications can be made to the Council, and the website is full of information as to what ideas are eligible or not.

It's too good an opportunity to miss to improve your Croydon community, so check it out and put your ideas forward. Get creative, think it through - don't just ask for an area to be cleaned up, but give suggestions of changes you'd actually like to see made.

It might be to ask for railings, fencing, new play areas, landscaping... (providing it fits the criteria) anything's possible.

Image courtesy of the London Surfacing Company Ltd, Croydon


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