Hanging a new internal door - tips from Man About the House & Garden.
22nd May 2017
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It's one of those jobs that most of us would assume is more than a one man job: hanging an internal door.

Man About the House & Garden in Croydon have some excellent advice on how to get it right, especially if you're on your own - yes, it really can be done!

A new door won't come with any hinges or door handles attached so you'll need to add all of these yourself.

Just follow these simple steps and you should be able to achieve a great replacement:

  • before you even start, make sure your new door is the same width and depth as the old one. This will make the process much more simple.
  • you'll need a a3mm gap around the whole door to ensure it can open and close properly. Show your measurements by drawing a line with a pencil.
  • take down your old door.
  • measure a 3mm gap between the hinged edge of the door and the lining. This will ensure your door is able to open and close properly.
  • do the same on the closing side, and at the top & bottom of the door.
  • lie the door on its side to plane the door to your markings. If you need to remove a larger amount from the door then you made need to use a saw.
  • ensure your hinges will be at the correct point by holding the door up to the hinge point and marking their location.
  • chisel out the correct shape you need to attach the hinge. You'll need to take hinge size and depth into account.
  • mark where the screw holes for the hinges need to be, then drill in your hinge holes. Attach all the hinges. 
  • do the same when marking where your strike plate for your door handle needs to be positioned. Mark it all out and attach the strike plate.
  • repeat this process for the door handle.
  • if all measured correctly, the door should now latch properly within the strike plate - if not make your the necessary adjustments.
Of course one way to ensure your door is correctly hung is to call on the experts! 
Man About the House & Garden are the handymen in Croydon to get on the case for you. They have plenty of experience so you know the job gets done well.
Give them a call today!
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