Good food isn't just for Valentine's Day, it's all year round!
15th February 2017
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They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach - um, I don't think that's just for men!

I love my food - so the way to my heart for Valentine's Day this year was a delicious meal, a smooth glass of red and some time to ourselves to remember life BC (before children!)
My children often ask me what my favourite type of food is and without fail, I can't bring myself to say anything other than Italian food. Call it my Italian roots, but the thought of giving up carbs, or more specifically pasta, almost sees me breaking out in a cold sweat.
But not all Italian restaurants are made the same.
How lucky are we to have Bagatti's right here in Croydon's South End?!
They are Italian food pros, we'd go so far as to say the best in the business and you can't help coming away from the restaurant feeling like you've not only enjoyed a feast (don't you just hate it when you need a sneaky slice of toast when you get home from some dining establishments?) but the food has been utterly delicious.
Bagatti's has been a firm feature of South End for over 26 years now and they're known for honing and perfecting their craft.
It can be difficult to choose from favourites such as carpaccio or calamari to start, and I struggle to ever veer away from the linguine di mare. If you're not quite as addicted to pasta as I am then one of the best dishes I've ever had is the monkfish, saffron & mussels, pancetta asparagus with risotto which they served as a special a few short weeks ago. We can't guarantee that one in particular will be available but we can promise that their food is always created with passion and a drive for outstanding taste.
So I say forget Valentine's Day! Bag yourself a bit of something special and head to Bagatti's for a romantic dinner any time during the year. It's always a real treat and will make your other half feel the love!
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