Getting ready for the school run.
5th September 2013
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Summer seems to have flown by, right? I'm sure that's the fastest on record...! But, now that the the new school year has begun, for many of you, that means either the start of or resumption of the school run.

It's a really great idea to begin the new academic year with your own new year's resoltions that could go a long way to making your morning less stressful for parents and children alike. McCarthy Cars in Croydon have put together a few ideas to help you get into the swing of things again:


  • Just the seemingly simple task of getting up and getting ready in the morning can create a whole load of stress for everyone. To make things easier, get everyone's clothes laid out the night before, including your own. It not only saves time but also stress levels in the morning.
  • You could even take it a step further - how about getting breakfast prepared the night before too!
  • Set your clock forward by ten minutes. The kids will be spurred on to get a move on but you'll know there's a little buffer of time for you all.
  • Get the kids to bed early. The saying "Early to bed, early to rise" means less chance of oversleeping.
  • Finally, consider taking the kids' bags and putting them in the car boot the night before. Then you really are ready to set off in the morning.

Even just taking on a couple of these ideas could help things be a little less rushed in the morning which means less stress. You should then be calmer and safer on the drive to school.

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