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18th May 2016
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Most of us are used to cooking for our families, but that's vastly different to cooking for much larger numbers that are associated with parties.

So how do you make sure you get the right amount of food for your party?

It's all about the numbers - know how many people are coming and if there are any extras that you're unsure about, then round up. So if you know you have 68 for sure, round up to 70 to cover yourself.

Cater appropriately for the length of the party. You'll need much more food for a wedding reception than you will for a cocktail party so adjust your quantities and style of food accordingly.

If you're doing canapes as the only food provided during an evening then allow 10-15 per person as a generous amount. If it's just nibbles that you're offering for a small drinks reception then you'll only need 3-5 per person. 

And also bear in mind the time of your party - a lunchtime gathering can be something simple and light such as sandwiches and light refreshments, whereas guests will expect something more substantial in the evening.

If it all seems too much to work through, then call on Buffets by Design! Their wealth of experience in catering means they get it right - so you have an event that's highly successful but don't have platefuls of leftovers at the end!

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