Get Your ESTA Visa Before Travelling To US
19th February 2020
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Nowadays, adventure tourism is perhaps one of the most extraordinary ways of looking for excitement and it is quite different from the well-known relaxing holidays. So, the U.S offers a lot of opportunities and other popular adventure activities that will boost your adrenaline rush. If you love adventure, high adrenaline levels and have decided to travel from Germany to Uncle Sam's country, then don't forget to apply for an ESTA visa as a travel permit. ESTA is required for citizens of all countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). All tourists need an ESTA visa before traveling to the adventure land of the USA.

 Basically, the (Electronic Travel Authorization System) formally known as ESTA is an integrated system that helps to determine visitors ' citizenship status to visit for the U.S according to the Visa Waiver Program. There are some rules in America that make even the most experienced traveler feel confused.

 Here's what you have to prepare before going to the United States:

1. You are required to ensure that the full name as it appears on the passport is correct.

2. You are also required to ensure that the times/dates, as well as travel documents, are under your wishes.

3. The information regarding your purpose of travel should not be falsified.

4.In the case of fake records, you will be rejected to access the land, airplane, hotel, and affiliates.

5. By confirming an order, you agree that the information is correct.

6. You also assured that you are responsible for the accuracy of all information and any loss that may be incurred.

U.S. law requires you to fill in specific details before airport transitions.


Be sure to remember this you cannot stay in the US for more than 90 days at a time for VWP. During your 91st day in the United States, you have officially violated the terms of residence stated in the Visa Waiver Program. The consequences of this may include: not being released, fines and other legal or financial consequences. Violating this 90-day visit period could potentially have a negative impact not only on you but also on your home country and the VWP nationality. Your ESTA license is usually valid for 2 years and never more. The clock will start ticking as soon as you receive your ESTA status via email. Although the maximum validity is 2 years, it is quite likely that it will be shorter. The ESTA approval and validity period is not necessarily up to you, the passport holder, but your passport itself. As soon as your passport expires, your ESTA will immediately expire and you will need to complete the ESTA application process again to secure your ESTA passport associated with your new passport.

 Apply for your ESTA license today and start preparing for your trip to the US, just make sure you are prepared to follow the program rules for your own benefit and that of your country.

If you would like to know more about obtaining your travel permit, please visit  ESTA USA to apply for ESTA Application with the best travel assistance.

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