Get it done early - that's the message from TaxAssist Accountants in Croydon for your tax return!
24th November 2014
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There are some great reasons why filing your tax return early makes completed sense.

TaxAssist Accountants in Croydon spill the beans:

  • No missed deadline - getting in early means you definitely don't have the worry of a missed deadline and the corresponding £100 fine. It's a no brainer.
  • You don't need to pay the money till 31st January - even if you file your tax retrun early, the payment dates remain the same - You only need to pay HMRC by the normal due dates of 31st January 2015 (balance and the first payment on account, if applicable) and 31st July 2015 (second payment on account, if applicable)
  • Submit by 30th December 2014 & you can use your tax code -  if your bill is less than £3,000 and your tax return has been submitted by 30th December 2014, you can ease the pressure on your finances by opting to have your tax liability collected through your tax code, which means it's collected throughout the forthcoming year, and not in one hit.
  • You could receive money owed to you much quicker - it makes sense that around tax return time, it's more likely that there will be delays on receiving a refund simply because of the volume of work HMRC are dealing with at the time. Getting in early could mean money comes to you in a more speedy manner.

This year why not make a promise to yourself that you're not going to wait till the very last moment to file your tax return.

Gather your information now and get it submitted. You know it makes sense!

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