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17th June 2009
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I was amused but a little saddened to read the comments made after a news article online this week (nothing to do with TBO!), most of which had no relevance to the article in question. However one commenter - who seemed to mean well - came under some quite personal attacks from other readers for no real reason.

This was a shame and not really in the spirit of things, so remember kids, if you wish to make a comment on any forum or blog, it will of course be read by potentially anyone! It may feel like a private comment as you sit at your PC with a cup of tea at your elbow, and its a mistake many of us have made at some point or other. However, the Wonderful Wide Web is a far from private vehicle on which to air views, and comments can often be taken out of context.

If you do feel the need to comment anywhere online, follow the unwritten rules to keep it polite, dont make personal comments about other readers, and remember that sometimes sarcasm comes across as being much nastier than it was perhaps intended. Also, dont hide behind an Anon label in the misguided view that this gives carte blanche to say anything about people - feelings can still get hurt.

Keep it clean my friends, and play nicely :)


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