Film has been around for over 100 years and you still have not got one?
17th October 2011
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Film has been around for over 100 years and you still have not got one?

We are now coming to the run up for Christmas and everyone will be, or should be, planning their next 3 months marketing strategy.

How are you going to be different, standout from the crowd and give your potential new client an excuse to buy from you when you already appear in a busy market place? Evidence now suggests that film is one of the most effective ways to get your message across.

Why is this?

Because it’s immediate, it holds people’s attention more than text on a website. On average when someone lands on your web page they will scan your text in seconds and then make a decision to stay or move on. If nothing grabs their attention as often is the case they will move on. A film gives people an excuse to stay.

If  you are serious about your business why would you not have a film on you web site or on your face book page?

 Let’s look at some evidence that suggests film should be part of you marketing strategy. Tom Dickson is the founder of Blendec a manufacturer of blenders, nothing too radical about that, however he used viral film to create activity for his business and he created  Will It Blend?” videos

Since his series of home made films have appeared on you tube his sales increased by 500%. Now that increase is not going to happen for everyone but I think you understand the principle. If you are not using film you could be missing a large chunk of your new audience.

As an owner of a marketing business I understand some of the fears that you as business owners have with film. Some people perceive film to be expensive; you need to employ a film crew, use actors and use film sets. If I don’t use expensive techniques like actors or voice over’s my film will be poor so not worth having. I don’t have much to say, my business is a trade so people know exactly what I do.

In almost every case it boils down to some kind of unwarranted fear. First of you don’t have to appear in your film if you are camera shy. Look at this example we made for McCarthy Cars. because we used action footage the film is very watchable.

This is another example, this is a story line: we use a simple, before, during and after story which holds people’s attention because they want to see the finished floor, simple but very effective.  

For those of you who provide an information service like a coach or advisor, you may want to be a little braver and appear in you film. You don’t have to but it’s a very effective way to communicate, here is my effort.

If this blog has wet you appetite for a film here is the good news. The best of Bromley and Croydon are producing films at half price to give you a head start running up to Christmas. Films that require a 1 day shoot are normally £600+Vat will now be offered at £299+Vat, films shot over more days will be priced on a day by day basis. 9 times out of 10 a one day shoot is enough.

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