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16th August 2009
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I’ve just had my busiest year ever – well, longer than that really – getting used to being a new mum and all that entails. Having got over a few weeks of horrific lack of sleep, I then got used to a few months of merely disturbed sleep and early mornings, with days full of work, childcare and generally trying to still have a life.

We’re into a nice routine though, and Baby know exactly what side her pitta bread is marmited.

It’s hardly surprising then that I haven’t had the time – or maybe the brain power – to organise our wills. It’s something we vaguely discussed when she was born, aware perhaps of the added complication of my partner’s two children from a previous marriage. Although we're not married, his name appears on Baby’s birth certificate and that should be enough to ensure Dad’s guardianship should anything happen to me. However, I’m no legal eagle and would feel more reassured to have it all down in black and white.

I have an unspoken agreement with my sister that we’d look after each other’s children if the worst happened, especially as our parents are on the older side of young now. Our private pledge however is not legally binding, and I really feel we should get round to sorting something out!

My partner is also diabetic, so despite the bizarrely optimistic attitude we have to getting-hit-by-a-bus-tomorrow, it is still at the back of my mind that I am more at risk than most of losing him.

So, in the interests of finally getting myself organised, I’ve had a look at the Will Writing Services page on TheBestOfCroydon, and will speak to the following to see what they can do for me:

Will and Probate Company Ltd
Atkins Hope Solicitors
Wickham Wills

After that, all we’ve got to do is remember to tell someone where the will is stored safely!
(You haven’t seen my paperwork system have you…)


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