Farleigh's making a difference with their Woodland creation project.
22nd January 2014
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Farleigh Golf Club is surrounded by ancient semi natural woodland (ASNW); ancient woodland has developed naturally on undisturbed soils and can be dated back to 1600 or before. The long continuity of semi-natural ancient woods and their undisturbed soils makes it the most valuable natural habitat in the UK.

Ancient woodland supports a huge range of wildlife (more threatened species than any other UK habitat) many of which require stable conditions (i.e. relatively unchanging compared to land outside the woods). Often, these species are unable to move easily so do not colonise new areas easily. Of the 12% woodland cover in the UK ASNW woodland accounts for just 3% of the UK land cover; this is the lowest in Europe. Our remaining semi-natural ancient woodland is therefore irreplaceable. If we lose what little we have left then it is gone forever.

Farleigh are planning to create just over 6ha of new native woodland on the estate, the new planting will be a mix native broadleaf species and will extend and create a buffer between the golf course’s and the neighbouring ancient woodland. All the species chosen for these planting areas will provide excellent habitat for many species and will also see woodland wildflowers migrate from the existing woodland into these areas over time. Although the trees will be planted when they are approximately 2 years old they will soon have a major impact on the environment around Farleigh, within 10 years the trees will be over 10ft tall and will be provided a multitude of benefits to both humans and wildlife.

Well done to Farleigh on this fantastic initiative. We're really looking forward to seeing the difference the woodland makes over the forthcoming years.

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