Fancy being involved in writing a play? You can at the Spread Eagle in Croydon!
23rd July 2014
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I'm super excited about the theatre event that's coming up at The Spread Eagle in Croydon this September.

I've never heard of something like this and I'm completely intrigued... the concept is a production called "Tell me About your Ex", written by.... well, you!

I love it! The production hasn't been written yet - the team are asking you, "Joe Public", tell them about your past relationships, and they will then be presented in September through song, theatre and storytelling.

Really it's about gathering the most interesting stories to form the play, which means you really could be part of a theatre production. All the submissions will be displayed around the theatre while the production is on. Even better still, members of the audience will be invited every evening to complete their own cards with their interesting tales... which will then be included in the show. How else could you guarantee a completely different show every night?!

So get cracking and submit your comedy relationship moments - or sad ones - whatever you feel like sharing. It could be funny, sad, bitter; many pages or just a one liner.  It's all completely anonymous - no subject is off limits and any experience is worth sharing.

Click here to find out how to submit your story - you never know, you could end up being the star of the show! 
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