Experts’ Global’s Online Program for GMAT Prep is the finest of its kind
6th February 2019
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 A good GMAT score will be critical to securing admission to your dream business school. There are any number of programs that promise to help one ace the GMAT, as is the case with all competitive examinations. It can be difficult to separate those that are truly effective, from those that are not. However, you must do so, as your GMAT preparation will involve a great deal of time and effort. One program that you must take a look at is Experts’ Global’s Online GMAT Preparation program. Experts’ Global is an EdTech firm, founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava. Since the firm’s founding in 2008, it has earned a stellar reputation for the excellence of its GMAT prep training. Let us take a look at some of the most notable features of this firm’s online prep program.


The Instructional Videos

One of the key pillars of this program is its highly informative instructional videos. Experts’ Global covers the GMAT syllabus, through 100 compact but detailed instructional videos. The program’s practice material also has explanation videos for all of its questions. This helps the students understand what mistakes they made and how to solve questions more efficiently, in general.


Accuracy to the GMAT

The most prominent feature of Experts’ Global’sOnline GMAT Preparation is just how accurate its practice material is to the real GMAT. The program’s four-thousand practice questions and its mock test questions are all perfectly in line with the GMAT’s, in terms of their scope, complexity, difficulty etc. Even more importantly, Experts’ Global’s scoring system is extremely close to the official GMAT scoring algorithm. The proof of this accuracy is the amazing congruence that Experts’ Global’s students have seen between their Experts’ Global mock test scores, their official mock test scores, and even their real GMAT scores! In this area, Experts’ Global is uniquely proficient. Even the testing screen that the practice material is hosted on has been designed to be as close to the real GMAT’s as possible.


Number and Quality of Mock Tests

Experts’ Global’s online training program also includes 15 full-length GMAT mock tests. Most other prep companies, typically, offer six. Experts’ Global has included so many mock tests, because a key part of the firm’s approach is frequent and regular test taking. This helps students naturally develop test taking strategies and the endurance needed to give a 3.5-hour test. At every step of their preparation, the students can rely on these tests, to provide them with a good idea of how much progress they have made.


Weakness Diagnosis and Performance Analysis

Experts’ Global’s analytics software is an excellent tool that provides the students with detailed breakdowns of their performance. After every mock, the system lets the students know what their strongest and weakest areas are, how much time they took on the average questions, which one they took the most time on, etc. The software can also analyze the student’s performance over multiple tests, to pinpoint their exact weak areas. Experts’ Global’s student have found having an automatic performance analysis system, available to them, to be most convenient.


Extra Features

Experts’ Global has included several special features in their Online GMAT Training Module. One of the most useful ones is the “flag” button. This feature lets the students mark and save questions that they want to come back to, whether because they are particularly important or because they are well-representative of a particular concept. The “flags” make it much easier to come back and go through the questions in greater detail.Another very useful feature is the “sticky”. The “stickies” are small, colored pop-up screens that the students use to take notes. The “stickies” can then be saved in one place by pinning them to the student’s “wall”. These are small features, to be sure, but they can go a long way towards making GMAT preparation easier and more effective and show just how great Experts’ Global’s attention to detail is.


Experts’ Global GMAT Online Training program is well-structured and well-paced. It progresses steadily through the different stages of preparation, with excellent instructional and practice material. If this program is carefully followed, due improvement is guaranteed.


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