Enjoy the foreworks but stay safe in Croydon this bonfire night.
5th November 2014
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It couldn't be more timely.

This week's revelations that the reason Claudia Winkleman missed last weekend's episodes of Strictly Come Dancing was because her 8 year old daughter's Halloween costume had caught fire has certainly brought home the fact that whilst Halloween and bonfire night are times for fun, they should also demand extra vigilnace and care.

We wish her a very speedy recovery.

It's actually celebrations at home (as opposed to offically organised ones) that result in the highest numbers of accidents and trips to A&E.

So here's our guide on how to stay safe during the celebrations:

  • If you're planning a home fireworks display only purchase fireworks marked BS 7114 or with a CE mark. Don’t forget to follow the instructions carefully.
  • Keep fireworks well away from your pockets - store them in a metal tin. A biscuit tin will do the trick!
  • Stand well back when lighting a firework and use a taper.
  • If a fireworks doesn't seem to light properly, don't approach it. It could still go off.
  • Build your bonfire a safe distance away from trees and fences.
  • Ensure the bonfire is stable before you light it. Never try light it with a flammable liquid.
  • Always pour water on the embers of the bonfire before you leave - don't leave it to chance that it's no longer burning.
  • Just in case, make sure you have a bucket of water or your garden hose within easy reach.
  • If you're using sparklers, remember that they can get five times hotter than cooking oil... make sure you always light them one at a time, wear gloves and keep them at arm's length. It's best not to give them to under 5s as they are too young to understand how to use them properly.

And don't forget your pets at this time of year too - it can be a really stressful time for them with all that unexpected and loud noise.To make it as stress free as possible, make them a comfortable, soundproofed den (cupboard under the stairs/old duvet thrown over a space between furniture/bathroom - wherever they'll go willingly), close the curtains and put the telly on.

Stick to these simple tips and you'll safely enjoy the fireworks this bonfire night in Croydon.
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