Energetic Croydon town set to be groove town as the ‘Popdance beat’ arrives
22nd June 2010
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Energetic Croydon town set to be groove town as the ‘Popdance beat’ arrives

BUSTLING commuter town Croydon looks set to become a groove town this June, with the arrival of a dance class aimed at getting busy adults into the ‘Popdance beat’.

‘Popdance’ classes will be held at the town’s very cool Scream Studios, which is also home to recording suites, a bar, karaoke and live music - nothing like a run of the mill dance studio.

The classes are a relaxed and fun way for busy adults who want to learn dance routines to classic Pop from the 70s, through to the noughties, escape from demanding lifestyles -and demanding children - and get some exercise without really realising it.

Tunes danced to range from Kylie to Footloose, from Girls Aloud to Michael Jackson, and from Madonna to Flashdance.

Professional dancer Amy Rennie, 22, who will be teaching the classes, said Popdance at Scream Studios would bring about a new way for the grown-ups of Croydon to let their hair down.

“Lots of people live and work in Croydon, or commute to London from the town, and I’d love to attract people who maybe have just finished work and need an hour of ‘me time’ to de-stress, and have a laugh before they head home.  It’s so easy to finish work in a bad mood. Popdance would be there to cheer you up of an evening.”

Amy added: “To be honest I find ‘normal’ exercise classes can be so tedious and turn you off wanting to exercise. My classes are going to emphasise the fun in exercise, not having to get it right every time. Everyone loves to dance, but often don’t feel confident enough. Popdance will lift your inhibitions!”

She went on: “As there is a bar and music venue attached, there may be other forms of entertainment to tickle your fancy too - and who knows, there may even be a Popdance karaoke night, where we can sing along to our favourite Popdance tunes, as well as dance to them!”

Aide Aires, who owns Scream Studios, said Popdance would fit in with his desire to diversify art forms held there.

“We really want to diversify here at Scream. It's mostly been known as a rock and metal venue, but we are also a centre for the arts, and are starting to run more dance schools, events for young people, and even comedy nights.
"We wanted to offer Popdance our studio space as we think their classes will fit right in with our expansion of art forms - we also happen to think the classes look like great fun and can offer something really original. I might have to join in sometime!"

Sue Wybrow, who set up Popdance with professional choreographer Stacey Smith, said: “You never know, we might get Croydon girl Kate Moss joining in some time as we all know she loves a good party!”

*Classes at Scream Studios start on Tuesday June 8th at 7pm.

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