Emergency Plumbing Troubles- Types and Repairs
31st October 2018
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Gas leaks, damaged pipes, and clogged drains are some of the typical emergency plumbing situations which people generally call a plumber for. Here the irony is people can prevent such plumbing emergencies right from the start. An emergency plumber states that negligence in plumbing is a crucial cause that leads to stubborn obstructions both in defective pipes and drains. This surprisingly indicates that people value their homes lesser than their cars. They service their car yearly but avoid doing the same when it comes to their plumbing systems till they fall prey to a plumbing emergency.

It is vital to have preventive maintenance of a residential plumbing system from time to time to keep the pipes, drains, and fixtures in a tip-top condition for long. This will also help the homeowner to spot early signs and get the same fixed before it escalating to expensive plumbing emergencies.

Common Emergency Plumbing Issues and Repairs

Take a look at some common emergency plumbing issues and repairs,

  • Burst Pipes- A homeowner's key objective till the arrival of the emergency plumber is to stop the flow of water from the hole. It is vital to locate and close the critical shutoff valve. It will shut the supply of water to the fixtures thereby preventing the occurrence of the flood. The next step will be to turn on the taps that provide cold water to drain pipes from steam and trapped pipes quickly. Post damage control of this emergency, it is wise to contact a good plumbing company such as GM Plumbing Corp-Plumbing Long Beach to repair the burst pipes or replace it as per the need.


  • Frozen Pipes- The pipes will freeze when the water present in it expand and may even burst. During such circumstances, it is wise to close the home's main shutoff valve. In case there is no split in the pipe yet then thaw it using hot water bottles especially from the pipe's end nearest the tap. The thawing process should be gentle. Do not use naked flame to prevent thermal water expansion which again can cause the pipe to split. For preventive maintenance ensure that the pipe is insulated correctly during the cold winter months. 


  • Blocked Toilets and Drains- The obstruction should be lifted using a plumber’s snake or plunger. But if it fails to work, inform a plumber at the earliest.


  • Leaky Plumbing Fixtures- One should switch off the valve of the leaky fixture and check the trap of the fixture for food particles, soap scum, hair and debris which may block the opening and result in the fixture to overflow. For best results, it is good to contact an experienced emergency plumber that can offer effective plumbing repair solutions.


  • Gas Leaks- The moment a person smells gas they should evacuate the building right away. Here DIY repairs will not help because this is a deadly affair that you cannot take for granted. After going out of the home, it is vital to call an emergency plumber. Always ensure to clean the gas appliance regularly from fatty acids and grease to ensure its good condition always.


Contact an emergency plumber as per the need and severity of the condition.



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