Don't get caught out this Christmas
9th December 2009
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Police networks across the country are warning motorists about car crime this festive period, and Croydon is no exception.

Croydon motorists are advised not to leave any valuables in their cars when Christmas shopping, or anything on display that might attract opportunist thieves.

Obviously over the Christmas period, people in town centers are more likely to be carting around extra shopping in the form of gifts and Chrimble paraphernalia. Be extra careful then to not leave these items as a present for thieves on your back seat or in footwells. There's nothing like a pile of carrier bags and the end of a roll of wrapping paper to say "Hi, stack loads of stuff in here, come and take your pick!"

Also there are the more general rules of thumb to follow with other items in your car: mobile phone cradles and suction marks from sat navs are obvious clues that there might be something valuable stashed in your glove box, and in a matter of seconds the window's gone and so has your sat nav.

I've had cars broken into twice now, and there wasn't even anything to steal - it leaves you with a horrible defiled feeling though, and is an insurance nightmare to boot. Little toe-rags.

 Be generous with your gifts this Christmas - just make sure you're not being generous to the wrong people.


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