Does Croydon need a spring health MOT?
21st May 2009
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Greetings my friends. Spring is finally well and truly sprung and speeding its way towards what will hopefully be a glorious summer.

Personally I intend to spend a lot more time outside this year than I did last. Even though I can't afford that tropical beach holiday, I can still pretend and make the most of our great outdoors. If that involves any swimming or beach activities however, it will unfortunately require a teeny bit of toning up on my part. Wouldn't want to put other bathers off their picnics now would we!

So in the interests of public safety and social niceties, I shall be calling round some local health clinics to see what help they can give me. I need someone to tell me what to do to achieve body beautiful!

I notice already that our very own Healthvibes Clinic is once again doing offers for June, so check out their website at for more information.

Be healthy!

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