Do you welcome the BBB (ban booze on buses)?
8th May 2008
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We have a new mayor in London and I have to say that, even though I still do have some reservation about the ability of Boris to run London, I am very impressed and welcome his very first policy which is to ban open container of alcohol from public transport, tube, trams, buses and the DLR.

I think this is a fantastic initiative that will hopefully have an impact on the regular anti social behaviours experienced on public transport late at night.

I am sure that any Croydon tram conductor or night bus driver will agree with me and so will licenced premises, such as Tiger Tiger Croydon and HUB, who won't have to deal so much with young boys and girls fuelled on alcohol before they even get to their night out and trying to get into their clubs, only to create more chaos because they have been refused entry.

I did hear that the RMT had concerns about the decision because of the impact it might have on the safety of their members, should they decide to stop people from drinking alcohol on public transport. Can I just say that first of all, any serious incident should and will be dealt with by the transport police. And yes there will some resistance to the new law from the public (specially from the drunken public) because there always is (consider yourself lucky to be in the UK, not in France) but surely, in the long run, this is a good thing for the safety of their members too.

How about you? Do you welcome the new law? Will it have an impact on your life?

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