Do you have your business in order in case the worst happens?
22nd April 2014
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If you're a business owner who has very clear ideas of what you want to happen to your business should the worst happen, then Atkins Hope have some information to share that really should make you sit up and take note...

Setting up a family business is great. But what happens when that business is finally handed down? Very often the ownership can be divided between two or more members of the next generation. This may sound like a great idea in principle but more often that not, the result can all too often be discord.

The succession arrangements often need to be approached with delicacy and a lot of forethought when it comes to a family business, especially as so many of those involved may very well have huge emotional ties to the business. If difficulties are anticipated, there are a number of means by which the need for long and expensive litigation can be avoided - and Atkins Hope can guide you through the process with expert care.

Click here to read the article from Atkins Hope that shows a real example of how important this is....

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