Cut energy bills or switch and save?
19th January 2010
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The Government is coming under heavy criticism (again) for not stepping in to control the spiraling fuel bills we face in the UK. For a long time now, campaigners have quoted alarming numbers of elderly and vulnerable people DYING because they cannot afford adequate heating and fuel for cooking, especially during winter months.

Some call for more financial subsidies to help pay for higher bills, but others are demanding the energy providers reduce their tariffs to more reasonable levels. I certainly feel the more ideal of the two would be to reduce the cost of energy supply; there aren't limitless funds to subsidise lower incomes, and there is serious question as to whether the mounting rates are justified in the first place.

What are your thoughts? Let us know.

The Best Of Croydon has two Members who might be of assistance while we wait for miracles to happen however:

Cut Carbon Solutions offer impartial FREE comparison and advice whether you're an individual, businesses or organisation in or near the borough of Croydon, helping to cut the cost of domestic and commercial energy bills.
They can advise on making the property or organisation more energy efficient, or help to source a more cost-effective energy supplier. Working with all utility suppliers, they can guarantee honest, impartial opinion from a wide choice of potential solutions.

There is absolutely no charge for their service, so that's a saving straight away!

Alternatively, sign up with the Utilities Warehouse, and they'll help you find the best deals on your gas and electricity, also telephone contracts, mobile and internet providers.


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